Insurance Claims
Forensic Accountants provides profitable solutions to the insurance industry. With in-depth knowledge of accounting & tax records and insurance coverage, we can assess economic loss through forensic examination and put a dollar value on a claim.
We are providing a diverse range of service to major insurance companies.
FA expertise include:
Business interruption and extra expense
Personal injury and wrongful death claims
Inventory/property and physical damage losses
Rental value losses
Loss of profits
Loss of income/earnings claims
Workers compensation claims
Disability claims
Employee dishonesty
Arson investigations
Fraud, theft or embezzlement
Claims litigation preparation
Expert analysis and testimony

Forensic Accounting
Fraud investigation
White collar crime
Income tax matters
Insurance fraud
Management fraud
Employee fraud
Crimes by professionals
Identification of assets and asset recovery assistance
Insurance investigation

Expert Testimony in Financial Matters
Trial by Judge


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